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    Health Benefits


    This site is dedicated to the SWSD Health Benefit Options
    Unity Group - This is our third party administrator and they create a booklet each year that helps explain our benefits, their costs and what they mean for you.  Usernames and Passwords are listed below:

    SWEA           username:  SWCert           password:  SWCert2017

    PSE              username:  SWClass          password:  SWClass2017

    SWEOP         username:  SWSec            password:  SWSec2017
    AON Hewitt - This is a third party administrator for Premera (WEA) Health/Dental/Vision Insurance options and their costs.  This is where you MUST go to manage your health benefits online.  There are no more paper forms for Premera coverage.  Select this link to view the Premera/Aon Hewitt Open Enrollment Instructions.

    AFLAC - Aflac offers a variety of optional supplemental insurance policies.  For more information, visit the website at http://www.aflac.com/swsd

    Group Health - This is our one HMO plan that Premera allows us to have and still offer the 10% discount on the premiums it offers.  There are two links for Group Health.  One is for the Group Health Website and the other is for the Group Health Enrollment Form(this must be sent to us if you are chosing Group Health Medical Insurance).
Last Modified on September 10, 2017