• What we are doing

    Physical Education activities this school year will focus on various concepts and skills.
    • Spatial awareness, the ability to travel throughout an area without making contact with others, has been an underlying emphasis to create and maintain a safe environment for all our students.
    • We will explore movement and fitness skills through activities which included dodging and tagging, running, jumping jacks, and more all school year long.
    • "Fitnessgram" testing will begin in November for our 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  Fitness activities that are tested included:   Curl ups, Push ups, Flexed Arm Hang, Sit and Reach, and the Pacer running test.  
    • 5th grade classes will participate in the Physical Education CBA's (classroom based assessments).
    • Throughout the year we will also learn how to recognize aerobic changes in our bodies by finding and monitoring our pulse and staying within our 'fitness zone'. 
    • Other units we will cover this school year will include:  Cooperatives, Volleyball skills, Balance, Fitness, Muscles, Basketball skills, Eye-hand Coordination, Soccer skills, Hockey skills, Tennis skills, Health/Nutrition activities, and Throwing sills.





    Fitness Unit
    sit ups step ups push ups
    Sit ups/Crunches Station
    Abdomen Muscles
    Step Up Station
    Quads, Hamstrings, Calf Muscles
    Push Up Station
    Biceps, Triceps, Pectoral, Trap Muscles
    jog jump rope jumping jacks
    Jogging Station
    Jump Rope Station
    Cardio, Full Body Workout!
    Jumping Jacks Station


    tennis shoes
    Please help your child and others stay safe!
    It is imperative that students remember to wear appropriate clothing and footwear when they come to P.E.





Last Modified on January 31, 2011