• Teen Wellness

    Welcome to Teen Wellness.  During this class we will be learning about the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being of healthy living.  The facts and skills we study will assist you in making healthy life choices. 
    The Wellness Staff will ensure a safe and supportive environment that will provide an opportunity for success of all students.  The concepts taught in Teen Wellness will be an integral part of a student's total education at Cascade Middle School and will assist them in meeting district and state learning goals.
    All students are expected to:
    • Respect and appreciate the differences and abilities of others. 
    • Be willing to learn and improve one's intellectual, emotional, social, and physical skills.
    • Participate with enthusiasm and sportsmanship to the best of his or her ability. 
    • Accept responsibility for one's actions.
    • Analyze and evaluate the impact of real-life influences on health.
         Students wil be introduced to a variety of content while participating in the Wellness program.  Topics wil consist of nutrition, substance abuse, goal-setting, communicable and non-communicable disease, fundamental movement, stress management, growth and development, decision-making, physical fitness, social/emotional wellness, as well as learning a variety of skills that are helpful in maintaining a healthy active life. 
    Grades in Wellness will consist of written, skill, and activity based learning activities. 
         We believe that proper clothing is essential for the gretest success of our students.  To ensure this success and assist our students in making na easy transition to the requirements of high school, we expect our students to be dressed in a school wellness uniform during activity.  Non-suits will be treated as defying school authority and disciplined in accordance with the CMS discipline policy (pg. 19 student handbook).
    1. Parental medical excuses should be in writing and for a short duration only.  A doctor's medical release from participation is needed for longer periods of dismissal.
    2. Make ups:  Students will be expected to make up missed class activities due to medical excuses or absences.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with their teacher to fulfill their requirements. 
         We are excited to work alongside our students in assisting them in fulfilling their personal wellness goals.  Please feel free to contact us. 
    Your C.M.S. Wellness Team,
    Jeannie Wright jwright@swsd.k12.wa.us

Last Modified on September 14, 2010