• Sedro-Woolley Beginning Band Schedule

    Band class is from 7:43-8:32 am in the CMS Band Room. Wednesday is 8:43-9:30.

    Students ride with the middle school students to CMS.

    The school district provides transportation back to their elementary school after class. You’ll have to contact transportation (855-3504) to figure out what time the earlier bus comes by your house if your child will be riding the bus to band in the morning.

    Mary Purcell, Central, and Evergreen students have class Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Big Lake, Clear Lake, Samish, and Lyman students have class Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    Attendance: five unexcused absences may prevent your student from attending the Wild Waves Festival

    Important Dates:                                                       Wild Waves Payment Schedule

    Flute night: Sept. 12   6:30-8:30                                 $25 due November 10th

    Clarinet/Sax night: Sept. 13 6:30-8:30            $50 account balance due February 8th

    Brass night: Sept. 14 6:30-8:30                 $85 account balance due April 28th

    Normal class schedule begins Sept. 19th            (non-refundable after April 28th)


    Do Not Come To Band On These Days!!

    Any day elementary does not have school or if it is a delayed start day

    November 9th - Wednesday (secondary early release)

    November 10th- Thursday (secondary early release)

    November 23rd- Wednesday (early release)

    January 30th- Monday (secondary Non-student day)

    March 9th- Thursday (secondary early release)

    March 10th- Friday (secondary early release)               *Dates and times are subject to change.

    Other non-band days TBA                                           *Additional performances will be added


    2016/2017 CMS Band Performance Dates





    Fall Harvest Concert

    CMS Cafetorium

    Thursday, Oct. 27th  7:00

    Beginning/Intermediate Bands

    March Concert

    CMS Cafetorium

    Tuesday, March 21st 7:00

    All Bands

    Spring Concert

    CMS Cafetorium

    Tuesday, May 23rd 7:00

    All Bands

    Music in the Parks

    Federal Way/Wild Waves

    Saturday June 3rd  

    All Day

    All Bands

    Officially Register for band at the band overview page.


    Beginning Band Item Requirements



    Formal attire at performances is required for all CMS Band students.  The required concert dress will be as follows:


    Men: black dress pants, black shoes, black or white collared shirt

    Women: black dress, black skirt (knee length or longer) with black or white blouse/top, or black pants with black or white blouse/top, black shoes


    Students who require financial assistance in purchasing their concert attire will be helped in a confidential manner.  Please ask if you need help!


    Materials for Specific Instruments (Bold means it is required)


    Flute:                                                                           Oboe/Bassoon:

    -Tradition of Excellence Book                                               -Tradition of Excellence Book

    -Pencil                                                                         -Pencil

    -Cleaning rod                                                              -String swab

    -Small piece of soft, absorbent                                   -Cork grease

      cloth to be used as a swab                                        -Soft, lint-free cloth

    -Soft cloth for cleaning the exterior                             -At least two good reeds

    -Music stand at home                                                   -Music stand at home

    -Luggage tag on handle or name                               -Protective reed case with ventilation

      on outside of case                                                     -Luggage tag on handle or name

                                                                                          on outside of case


    Clarinets/Saxophones:                                                            Trumpet/Euphonium/French Horn/Tuba

    -Tradition of Excellence Book                                               - Tradition of Excellence Book

    -Pencil                                                                         -Pencil

    -String swab                                                                -Valve oil (rotary oil for French Horn)

    -Cork grease                                                                - Vaseline or tuning slide cream

    -Mouthpiece cap                                                          -Cleaning snake and mouthpiece brush

    -End cap to protect octave key or                             -Soft, lint-free rag for cleaning the exterior

      a Pad Saver “Shove It” (Saxes only)                                   -Music stand at home

    -Neck strap (only recommended for clarinet)                       -Luggage tag on handle or name

    -At least three good reeds, size 2                                             on outside of case

    -Protective reed case with ventilation

    -Soft, lint-free rag for cleaning the exterior

    -Music stand at home

    -Luggage tag on handle or name

       on outside of case



    -Tradition of Excellence Book                                              


    -Slide lubricant (Yamaha Trombone Slide Oil)        

    -Small misting spray bottle for slide                            

    -Vaseline or tuning slide cream                                               

    -Cleaning snake and mouthpiece brush                                  

    -Soft, lint-free rag for cleaning the exterior                 

    -Music stand at home

    -Luggage tag on handle or name

      on outside of case.


    If your child has severe allergies or requires insulin, that child must have medicine on them or at CMS at all times while at CMS.


    All Instruments

    If your instrument is not working properly or has been damaged, please bring it to Mr. Brumbaugh. He will determine what repairs are necessary on the instrument. In some cases, the repair is minor and it is something Mr. Brumbaugh can repair for the student.  If it is a major repair (beyond normal wear and tear), students will be asked to take it to a district pre-approved repairperson.  Students and their parents should NEVER attempt to repair their own instrument!!

    V. Going Above and Beyond


    Music students at Cascade Middle School have the unique opportunity to participate in some exciting programs beyond their normal, daily classroom instruction. 



    Families are highly encouraged to provide the computer program Smart Music to aid in practicing and recording performance assessments at home. Please attend the Smart Music information night or contact Mr. Brumbaugh for more information.



    Students will always have the opportunity to gain Extra Credit by: taking private lessons on their instrument, participating in Solo & Ensemble Contest, tutoring younger students, taking piano lessons, attending community concerts (No Rock concerts, please!), participating in youth symphony, and playing “mini concerts” for mom and dad.



    We STRONGLY encourage all students to take private lessons on their instrument, even if it is only a few lessons. Not only is this a great way to maintain your musical skills, but it also provides invaluable one-on-one instruction from a highly trained professional musician on that instrument.  Please contact Mr. Brumbaugh for private lesson recommendations.


Last Modified on May 1, 2017