• The Special Education Department at SWHS aims to support all students. Specifically, students on IEPs are helped on their  journey with progress on goals. We focus on inclusion and have implemented many unified courses along with co-teaching partnerships in the science, math, and English departments. We also offer special education stand-alone classes that focus on strategies and skill development to enhance the general education curriculum and work toward goal mastery. It is our pleasure to work with and help support all students on their path to graduation.    
    Kari Severson
    Co-Taught English 10 & 11
    Vicki Allen
    Language Arts / Math Support (La/Ma)
    Language Arts Support
    Language Arts X
    Language Arts Y
    Kevin Campbell
    Co-Taught Geometry
    Anna Gallagher
    Co-Taught Algebra
    Co-Taught English 11
    Ryan Pike
    Math X
    Math Y
    Co-Taught English 9
    Roshni Jokhi
    NCTA Support
    Running Start Support
    Corintha Taylor
    Life Skills Program
    Collin Munoz
    EB Program