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    2021-2022 Frequently Asked Questions

    Taking care of yourself and your family is taking care of your community.

    If you are well enough to come to school:

    1. Universal and correct use of cloth face coverings or masks helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and is required for all school personnel, students, and visitors while indoors. Schools must provide face coverings or masks, as appropriate, for staff and students who do not have them. Masks are not required outdoors, regardless of vaccination status. Students may remove face coverings to eat and drink, and when they can be physically distanced outside. 

    2. Practice physical distancing of at least three feet or more between students in classroom settings, and at least six feet or more in certain circumstances to the degree possible and reasonable that allows for full-time, in person learning for all students. 

    3. Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water. If handwashing is not possible, hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol should be used.

    Our teachers and staff will be reinforcing these routines and practices.

    The Washington State Department of Health has provided K-12 COVID-19 requirements that go into greater detail. 

    Covid questions 
    Phone: (360) 855-3841

    Symptoms of COVID-19 while at school 

    Any student, teacher, or staff who reports COVID-19-like symptoms must be immediately isolated from others and sent home as soon as feasible. While waiting to leave school, the individual with symptoms must be isolated in a designated isolation space. They must continue to wear a cloth face covering or mask. 

    Without masks, more students must quarantine. Wearing masks means only the infected student is automatically quarantined.

    Notification Protocol

    The Sedro-Woolley School District works closely with the health department when there are confirmed cases. Here are the steps the district follows for confirmed cases of COVID-19.

    1. When the district learns of a case of COVID-19, we first confirm with the health department that the confirmed case is associated with our schools.
    2. Our schools each have COVID site safety teams who help initiate contact tracing. If there are close contacts of a confirmed case, we work with the health department to notify staff and parents/guardians that there has been contact with a confirmed case.
    3. Next steps are determined by the health department, which may include recommendations for COVID testing, isolation and/or quarantine. We communicate directly to impacted staff and families and share resources according to the guidance of the health department.
    4. In some cases, a group of students will shift to remote learning for a period of time designated by the health department.


    • Exposure or contact is usually defined as being within six feet or more and spending 15 minutes or longer with someone who has tested positive for COVID.
    • Quarantine is when someone is asked to stay home due to ​exposure to someone who is infected, because they could become contagious.
    • ​Isolation is when some is asked to stay home because of illness or possible illness, ​and they are contagious.
    • One confirmed case is not an outbreak. An outbreak is defined as two or more cases with transmission occurring between them. 



    Beginning Nov. 29, Sedro-Woolley School District Health Services team is expanding access to timely diagnostic testing for SWSD students with symptoms of COVID-19.

    The testing will be free of charge and will only be offered to ONLY students and staff showing symptoms. To schedule an appointment and complete pre-test paperwork, visit https://form.jotform.com/213156543945055. Testing will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday on regular school days. All appointments will need to be scheduled, as drop-ins cannot be accommodated at this time.

    We will have a drive-up, outdoor option for convenient access outside the front doors of the Admin Annex (201 N. Township, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284). Once you have filled out the paperwork online and arrived, please do the following:

    • Park in the designated COVID-19 testing space located at the front of the building.

    • Call 360-855-4453 to let us know you have arrived and remain inside your vehicle.

    • Results take approximately 15 minutes to process and we will use the phone number given on the form to report the results back to you, as well as answer any questions you may have.

    • Health Services will then report all COVID-19 results – positive and negative – within 24 hours to the Health Department using the web-based reporting tool called US Digital Service’s SimpleReport.

    Please note this is NOT the Test to Stay program. We do not currently offer testing for those who are NOT presenting with symptoms. As testing supply availability increases, we hope to expand the testing opportunities. We will be sure to keep you updated on any changes.


Last Modified on November 22, 2021