SWHS Counseling Department

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       SWHS Counseling Department

                  1235 3rd Street Sedro-Woolley WA 98284

                 Office: 360-855-3513   Fax: 360-855-3583



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    Jill Paulsen     

    Counseling Secretary 

    Desk: (360) 855-3513

    Email: jpaulsen@swsd101.org


    Donee Allen     

    SWHS Registrar 

    Desk: (360) 855-3909

    Email: dallen@swsd101.org


    Alyssa Saupe     

    SWHS Counselor:  A-EK      

    Desk: 360-855-3912

    Email: asaupe@swsd101.org


    Steven Gunderson       

    SWHS Counselor:  EL-KI

    Desk: (360) 855-3952     Google Voice: (360) 504-8717

    Email: sgunderson@swsd101.org


    Rinny Shelton       

    SWHS Counselor: KJ-RI

    Desk: (360) 855-3951

    Email: rshelton@swsd101.org


    Zoe N. Kapan          

    SWHS Counselor: RJ-Z      

    Desk: (360) 855-3911

    Email: zkapan@swsd101.org


    Rachael Rodriguez     

    College and Career Counselor

    Desk: (360) 855-3539

    Email: rpadilla@swsd101.org

    Office is located in the SWHS Library


    Colleen Chan      

    ESD Mental Health Counselor  (Referral Only)

    Desk: (360) 855-4035

    Email: cchan@swsd101.org


    Kevin Kirn    

    Social Worker

    Desk: (360) 855-3915

    Email: kkrin@swsd101.org

    Office is located in the SWHS Library




Last Modified on November 17, 2022