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    Frequently Asked Questions - School Technology


    Q: My student forgot their password to log into Google/Chromebook/Canvas. Do I need to call the school? 

    A: If your student is a CMS or SWHS student, log into Skyward. Under your student's account, there is a tab labeled "Student Info". You will see your student's ID number listed after "Other ID". Their password is a lowercase s followed by their 7-digit student ID number. 

    For Elementary and State Street students, their password is a lowercase "sw" followed by their birthdate in month, day, year format (Example: sw010109).

    Q: My elementary student is using their own computer. How can they log into Google Classroom? 

    A: If possible, have them log into Google using the Chrome browser. You'll want to have them log into Google Classroom before school begins to make sure there are no log-in issues. 


    *Please note: Students using their own computers will need to use their full email address (For example: John Smith would be something like this - Student email addresses are their usernames plus the district domain: These should be being shared by teachers of students in lower grades. If an older elementary student doesn't know their username, please ask the teacher during the parent/teacher meeting, or go to the school's website>staff directory and find the teacher's email address and email them.


    Q: What if my school-issued Chromebook stops working?

    A: Email or call 360-855-3587.

    Q: Can I purchase insurance on my student’s school-issued Chromebook? 

    Families who have checked out Chromebooks from the district are responsible for loss or damage that could accidentally occur. To offset this possibility, the district has partnered with Worth Ave. Group to provide insurance on district-owned Chromebooks. To opt into the voluntary program, please fill out this form. Visit this page for more information in English. The cost for insurance is $22.40 annually. The insurance is for one device, so if you have multiple children you will need to purchase insurance for each device. Coverage will be good for the 2020-2021 academic year. Parents should use the SERVICE TAG # twice for this in the insurance document.

    Q: How does a student log-in to a school-issued Chromebook at home?

    Use your email address with the at the end. Then use the same password as your email address. For SWHS & CMS students, it’s a “s” followed by their student ID (For example: s0234567). For elementary and State Street students, it’s the “sw” followed by their birthdate (For example: sw010109)



    Q: I didn't receive a zoom link for my student? How will they know what class to log into on Tuesday? 

    A: Your student should receive a zoom link from their Advisory teacher for Day 1.

    CMS and SWHS are distributing the advisory zoom link differently. Zoom links will always be in the students' Canvas classes and will not be in students' gmail inboxes (except for Day 1 at CMS). 

    Elementary: no Zoom links will be posted to Gmail; therefore, students won’t be able to see Zoom meetings on Google Calendar like they were used to doing last spring. The district policy, this year, is that all Zoom links will be placed in Google Classroom.

    Q: My student has never logged into Zoom. How do they join their meeting?

    There are several ways to join a zoom meeting. The easiest, is to click on the link provided by your student's teacher. If there is a password, they will need to enter that when prompted. Or, go to Enter the meeting ID provided by the teacher. Click Join. If this is your first time joining from Google Chrome, you will be asked to open the Zoom client to join the meeting.

    Q: My student’s Zoom account is “expired”. The screen had an orange circle with an ! in it in the upper right corner. 

    A: Accept the new policies for Zoom and restart your student’s computer to get it to work properly. 

    Q: My student is logged into Zoom, but can only see their own image on the screen. 

    A: Restart the computer and rejoin the Zoom session.


    Google Docs/Slides/Sheets

    Q: My student is supposed to do an assignment using Google Docs/Slides/Sheets. How do they access these?

    A: This can be found in your student’s Google Drive and again can be accessed through the student's email by clicking on the box with the dots. Elementary teachers will demonstrate how these work and help students/families navigate the Google platform. These are very similar to Microsoft Word/Powerpoint/Excel, except they are cloud-based and can be easily shared and submitted via Google Classroom and Canvas. 


    Q: My student doesn't have a camera on their computer. Will this be a problem?

    A: If your student is an elementary student, parents should let their teacher know. School-issued Chromebooks are available for checkout if this becomes problematic. Please just let your teacher know. If your student is at the middle or high school, please have them email their teacher and let them know. Again, Chromebooks are available if this becomes problematic. 

    Q: My family or student isn't comfortable having the camera on during class. Is that okay?

    Communication will be key. We are absolutely flexible if students or their families do not want their cameras on. We would encourage students to try to have their cameras on during synchronous learning whenever possible because it really helps create a better atmosphere when you're able to see one another. The chat function will also be turned off, so it will be hard for them to get their teacher's attention if they have a question. 

    Teacher Email Information

    Q: How do I find a teacher's email address? 

    Go to the district's website>Select School>School Name. From that school's site, select the staff directory tab and scroll to find the teacher's email address.


    Q: How do I access Clever?

    A: To access Clever, first log into the student's Google account. If you are on a school Chromebook, the computer will open up to Clever. If you are at home, go to, click sign in as a student, and then sign in with Google.

    Q: What is Clever?

    A: It is a landing page. This is where students will access websites commonly used by the school or individual teachers, but not added as a link in Google Classroom. 


    My School Data

    Q: What is My School Data?

    A:  My School Data is where students access their High School and Beyond Plan. To access My School Data, students should login with their Skyward login.



    Q: What is Skyward and how do I log in?

    A: Skyward is the system where you can access your grades, graduation.  To login you will use your Skyward login.  If you don’t know what this is contact your school counselor.  Parents/Guardians have their own login information.

    Hotspot Device

    Q: What if my school-issued Wifi Hotspot stops working?

    A: Email or call 360-855-3587.

    Q: What if I lost the instructions for the Hotspot device? 

    A: Email or call 360-855-3587.



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