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    Our Mission:  

    At Samish Elementary we believe all children come to us with gifts and the potential to navigate through life compassionately. We strive to inspire every child to persevere and become lifelong learners who contribute positively to our world. 

    Samish Elementary
    Grades: K - 6

    Enrollment: 185
    School Hours: 9:00 - 3:30 


    Dear Samish Families,

    The start to our school year has been filled with adventures!  Our students and staff have been developing relationships, building community, and doing lots of new learning! 

    We have started this year with a focus on “Responsive Classroom”, with the philosophy that students learn best when their classrooms are places where they feel safe, challenged, and joyful— places that free them to learn. (See attached overview).  At the heart of the Responsive Classroom approach is the development and inquiry of seeking student voice in their “Hopes and Dreams” for the school year at Samish.  Each teacher posed the question, and then students generated a classroom brainstorm of their “Hopes and Dreams”.  These included a variety of dreams; “to read better”, “to make new friends”, “to have fun”, etc.  From there teachers worked with students to develop a list of environments that will support them in achieving their hopes and dreams.  Through a co-created process, students and teachers created those expectations for their classroom.  From there we invited student representatives from each classroom to then develop our schoolwide expectations.  It was a very inspiring discussion and creation to have students K-6 collaboratively identify our top expectations to focus on, which we were able to link to the acronym BRUINS!: 

    Be Respectful


    Unique in Our Own Way

    Include and Accept Others

    Never Give Up!


    Also, for the month of September we have specifically focused on the attribute of “responsibility”.  Students have had meaningful discussions and instruction on what that means to be responsible as a learner at Samish.  We will be recognizing students who have displayed this trait as a strength of theirs during quarterly recognition breakfasts.     

    As we continue to focus on our vision of supporting the whole child, and building on our students’ strengths, we want to also use survey data to ensure we are meeting your child’s needs.  If you could take a moment to fill out this survey on your child we’d greatly appreciate it!.  We are always working on improving and need your feedback to do so!  J  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12IKrcqx3Iy-D6yx5tq2yxMrgpdZ6GgZA5IYplk5xOBY/prefill

    Thank you for sending your amazing children to us.  We are committed to supporting them emotionally, socially and academically and look forward to working in partnership with you. 


    Mischelle Darragh

    Principal, Samish Elementary