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    Welcome to Speech / Language
    in Room 2!

    Friends      Clear speech and language skills are critical for learning throughout life including establishing friendships.  Skills stressed in speech therapy may include how to correctly articulate and monitor speech sound production, learning language concepts to help increase understanding, following a picture schedule to help understand one's school routine, increase speech fluency, and increase awareness of and role playing social language skills.
    Generally students displaying a suspected speech or language delay are initially referred by either a parent or teacher.  The student is then screened to determine if a more in-depth speech and language evaluation is warranted.  An initial evaluation requires a parent’s signed permission.  This is followed by a speech/language evaluation and report.  If, based on the assessment results, a child qualifies for speech/language therapy by displaying a communication disorder that affects the student's educational performance and requires specially designed instruction, a conference is then held with the parent and appropriate staff in which the goals and objectives of the speech/language program for that child are developed in an Individualized Educational Program or IEP.  Children attend speech/language therapy services weekly either individually or in small groups.  The speech/language pathologist may also work with some children in the classroom on occasion and consults with the child’s teacher(s).  Our goal is to help each student communicate ideas clearly and effectively to a range of audiences for a variety of purposes. 
    Should you have any questions or concerns about a child’s speech and language development or the services provided here at school, feel free to contact me.


Last Modified on March 27, 2008