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Driver's Education

Driver's Ed is designed for students 15-18 years old. Students will learn the rules of the road, understand Washington State laws, and get coached driving experience.
Driver's Ed is a partnership between the school & parents. Our instructors will share a state approved curriculum in the classroom and behind-the-wheel. Parents play an essential role in practicing  the behind-the-wheel concepts in-between schedule drives.
With successful completion of this program, students will be eligible to take the DOL Knowledge (written) & Skills (driving) Exams.
Sedro-Woolley School District Driver's Ed Program 
 Classroom (39 hours)
  • 35 hours TSE Curriculum
  • 4 Hours of "DriverZed" Driving Simulation*
  •  DOL Knowledge Exam                                  (must have successfully passed classroom)
Behind-the -Wheel/Driving (6 hours)
  •  4 Hours of "DriverZed" Driving Simulation*=    1 hour driving
  • 5 Hours In Car Instruction
  • 5 Hours Car Observation
  • DOL Drive Exam (must have successful completion of Driver's Ed & passed DOL written exam)
  Are you 15-21 years of age and ready to take your DOL Knowledge (written) and /or Skills (driving) Exam?
  Both are required for a driver license. You must
pass the knowledge exam before you can take the skills exam.
  Once both tests are passed, scores are entered in
the Washington State Department of Licensing, and
participants can visit a Department of Licensing
location to obtain their official driver license.
   2015-16 Knowledge Exam Dates: 

  • September 29          
  • October 27             
  • November 24                 
  • December 15           
  • January 26      
  • February  18
  • March 22 
  • April 19
  • May 17 
  • June 21 


Given in the SWHS Library @ 6:00 pm 
                      How to get Registered?
*SWSD testing is currently restricted to
15-21 year olds.

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