• Statement from State Superintendent Randy Dorn on School Safety:

     What occurred in Marysville on Oct. 24 was a tragedy. Making sure it never happens again is a goal we all share. With that in mind, I offer some tips in the hope that future tragedies can be prevented.
    Understanding the importance of social media in our students’ lives will go a long way to helping those in pain. Social media is all around them, and many young people feel safer and are more open with Twitter and Tumblr and other channels. Staff at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction have put together A Tip Sheet For Parents on digital safety and cyber-bullying that I think is very useful. It includes simple, common-sense tips – such as keeping communication open and watch for warning signs – as well as Web sites to visit for more information.
    I urge you to distribute this document to everyone you can, especially parents. I can’t guarantee that another tragedy won’t occur. But providing a safe place for students to talk about their fears and anger may help those emotions from boiling over. (November 5, 2014)