• 2017 - Day 3

    Posted by Jerry Gardner on 4/20/2017 11:45:00 PM

    The sunshine found us today and stayed around all afternoon! It was a welcome sight to warm us up after the chilly day yesterday. Our campers enjoyed more of the daily schedule with this kiss of sunshine. As a bonus, the wind stayed away for the most part and the water was beautiful for row boats during rec time. And just a few hours ago, we wrapped up our night programs with the final of 3 programs for each kid.

    The highlight of the day was obviously an amazing sunny afternoon on the beach, Climbing Wall, High Ropes, Giant Swing, Ga-Ga Ball and more. Ga-Ga ball has been a very popular game during free time, and many kids will be asking Mom and Dad if they can build their own Octagon in the back yard!

    The packing process was started this evening, and the trip home will begin tomorrow morning after breakfast and one final class.  The ferry ride and buses ride back should place into Evergreen about 2:30pm IF ALL GOES AS PLANNED!

    Many of our campers are ready to come home and see their families; and share all of their experiences they have had!  These are memories they will have for a lifetime!

    Enjoy some highlights from our last full day at Camp! See you soon.



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  • 2017 - Day 2

    Posted by Jerry Gardner on 4/19/2017 11:55:00 PM

    Day 2 is in the books!  

    It was an action packed day at camp for all our kids.  Classes ranged from Marine Invertabraes and Forest, to Rock Climbing Wall, High Ropes and Giant Swing.  The ever-popular REC time let students enjoy an hour of Row boats, Gagaball and more.

    Meals included a hearty breakfast (english muffins/eggs/sausage), lunch (Corn Dogs!) and dinner (Lasagne).  The kitchen here is very accomodating for all eaters - options for gluten-free, meat-free, dairy-free meals as well. 

    I would love to tell you that we are enjoying banana-belt sunshine and that the rain has escaped us, but its hasn't.  Parts of camp experienced some rain for a few minutes here and there early in the day and most of camp saw a chilly wind for most of the day, but overall it was a great day with a few small breaks in the clouds later in the afternoon.

    Evening programs continued its rotation through Science Fair/Harry Potter/Campfire.


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  • 2017 - Day #1

    Posted by Jerry Gardner on 4/18/2017 11:30:00 PM
    Day 1 of 2017 Camp Orkila is completed!  We had some rain and finished with a beatifully sunny evening!
    Our travel today went as planned (for all 350 SWSD members), and our students were well behaved and represented Sedro-Woolley exceptionally well!  We even ran to Mayor Wagoner on the ferry to Orcas. 
    We had Orca sightings off the beach this afternoon right before we started into our agenda!  You can see the trail of boats following them.
    After our camp and Middle School orientations, we started into the Study Group class sessions.  Today, everybody did team games (AKA Initiatives).  Then, we finished before dinner with Recreation Time and our students participated in varying activities (from Row Boats to Archery to Ga-Ga Ball)
    The long day had the kids were hungry and camp delivered with a Chicken Teriyaki, Rice and veggies.  After dinner we jumped right into the night programs, which included a Harry Potter Adventure, science fair or camp fire.  
    Lights were out and voices off by 10pm.
     We will share more tomorrow, Enjoy the slide show.
    Mr. G
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  • Packing and Busing Information Before Camp.

    Posted by Jerry Gardner on 4/15/2017 9:00:00 AM
    As we get closer and closer to camp here are the detailed fliers that are going home this week. 

    IN TOWN School INFO



    Please note that YOU MUST drop off your bags Monday night at Evergreen between 5-7:30pm.
    On Pick-Up Day, NO PARKING WILL BE AVAILABLE AT EVERGREEN ELEMENTARY.  Park at the Church, please.


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  • Advice to Students from Past Participants

    Posted by Jerry Gardner on 4/8/2017 9:00:00 AM
    Advice to 6th Graders
    (from former Camp Orkila Students)
    • Take a warm sleeping bag

    • Hang out with new people

    • Go all the way on the Big Swing – no regrets

    • Things that look scary are really very fun!

    • Try everything – Even if you don’t want to...

    • Work together as a TEAM.

    • Don’t talk when counselors are talking, you miss out on activities.

    • Don’t hang with people making poor choices.

    • Pack lightly – you must carry your bag a long way

    • Try the Archery Range

    • Have fun in a positive way

    • Be Mature.

    • Stay with your Counselors.

    • Listen to where you are supposed to be.

    • Make sure you know what activity you are doing.

    • Don’t go off trails.

    • Don’t let people talk you into poor choices.

    • Stay away from cabins during Rec-Time

    • Don’t just hang out during Rec-Time – PARTICIPATE!

    • Be quiet during Flight From Mordor

    • Try new things

    • Nothing was boring

    • Don’t complain about activities.

    • Get good sleep the night before Camp.

    • Go to sleep on time.

    • Wake up early to take a shower

    • Be Yourself

    • Have Fun

    • The Food is good

    • Use extra pads to block door at night

    • Don’t over eat at meals

    • Bring extra shoes and socks

    • Don’t bring your new shoes

    • Bring warm clothes

    • Dress in Layers

    • Bring Hair Ties

    • Put extra clothes in sleeping bag for warmth.

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